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Automotive customer story: Bosch AA

Bosch AA needed a modern, first class facility close to their customers that could be customised to suit their needs.

Goodman is a relatively new brand in Brazil, so it was no surprise that Luciano Custódio, General Manager, Bosch AA São Paulo, did not know much about us before first contact was made through a real estate consultant.

However, trust was soon established and Goodman quickly impressed Mr Custódio, especially when it came to customer service. “With Goodman, what was promised was delivered,” says Mr Custódio. “Goodman’s customer prioritisation is also shared by Bosch, so we were able to meet on that level.”

"The highlight of our relationship with Goodman was its team’s availability and determination to go above and beyond." Luciano Custódio, General Manager, Bosch AA São Paulo

Bosch AA is the automotive aftermarket arm of the renowned German engineering company. The brief was for a modern facility that could better meet Bosch AA’s needs.

Goodman supplied Bosch AA with a recently built property that meets their needs for a modern, first class facility. Our team was also able to meet Bosch AA’s specific demands for an expanded office space and a mezzanine level in which to conduct its operations. “I was very happy, Goodman understood our requirements and customised the office area to exactly how we wanted it,” says Mr Custódio.

Nowadays, the facility is Bosch’s main hub for Latin America. “The location is very favourable from a logistics point of view, close to big population centres, highways, airports and our main customers.”