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Solar panel systems

As the focus on climate change continues to grow, the importance of adopting sustainable approaches towards the generation of renewable energy has received a renewed focus.

As Goodman continues to take its sustainability strategy to the next level, it has increased and fast-tracked its goals for renewable energy and achieved carbon neutrality globally.

Goodman has achieved carbon neutral operations, and recently boosted its target for rooftop solar installations. 

The new target of 400MW per annum capacity, increased from 100MW, will see Goodman’s properties across the globe provide enough electricity to power 120,000 homes for a year, or the equivalent of taking 60,000 passenger vehicles off the road. 

As the pace to install solar picks up, we review some key solar projects across Goodman’s operating regions. 



In Europe, Goodman’s target is to install 91megawatt peak (maximum capability) of solar across its properties by 2025. To reach this target, it must act fast and with resolve.

Set in an industrial park located between Rotterdam and Germany’s industrial areas, Nijmegen II Logistics Centre in the Netherlands is a strong example of how the target will be reached. Goodman has fitted the 60,000 square metre warehouse’s rooftop with enough solar panels to power the entire building – about 1.8 gigawatt hours a year.  

On the main Antwerp-Brussels logistics route, meanwhile, the Puurs Logistics Centre is on the cusp of a massive solar upgrade.  When the panels are installed on its rooftop in late 2021, the result will be the size of almost ten football fields.

Hong Kong

Installing solar PV in Hong Kong can be complicated. Most buildings have multiple owners and many of the city’s tall, skinny buildings don’t have enough space on their rooftops for the required number of vertical panels. 

But when Goodman took possession of its Western Plaza development - located between the airport and the border to mainland China - it decided to install solar on the property despite the challenges involved. 

Not only were 500 hundred plus panels successfully lifted onto the roof, so was the same number of concrete blocks. The panels were then attached to the blocks so the roof’s waterproofing remained intact and the panels stayed secure in the high winds of Hong Kong’s typhoon season.


In Australia, Goodman has installed, or committed to install, 49 megawatts of solar to date. By 2025 a further 51MW is forecast, reaching the company’s 100MW solar target for its Australian portfolio.


Blending form, function and sustainable design, the 500,000 square metre plot of Goodman Business Park has installed a 15.8 megawatt solar array that could power the equivalent of 4,300 households.